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Precision Construction and Decora Inc. can make any of your dreams come true! From steam rooms, showers and pools, your home will become complete luxury with one installed and created with Precision Construction and Decora Inc. They will generally include tiled walls, ceilings and tiled floors. The floors, for example, will generally include a shower type drain. They differ greatly from normal shower construction in several areas. The first difference is the requirement for a continuous waterproof membrane on all sides of the construction. They sometimes require that insulation be a part of the wall construction. They also require the addition of a sealed open slip joint at the point where the walls meet the ceiling.

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Additionally in steam rooms, the ceiling should be sloped to keep hot water from dripping onto the occupants. The slope can be directed to one wall or toward the center. The continuous waterproof membrane is required due to the water vapor transmission inherent to steam rooms. The steam can penetrate the tiled surfaces and flow into adjoining areas. Talk to one of our project managers today for more information on steam room, showers and in home pools.


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