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Most families will find enjoyment with the addition of a finished basement renovation, as it allows for much more added space, which in a single-story house can be monumental. It can also be helpful for moms, as they can fully enjoy watching their favorite TV programs upstairs while their kids and their friends go crazy in the basement. Also keep in mind that many people rent the basement getting an extra income, in addition, a renovated basement can add considerable value to your home so it’s definitely a good investment.

At PRECISION CONSTRUCTION AND DECORA INC, we firmly believe that a basement renovation or any other type of work demands that you thoroughly research both your project and your contractor, and maintain good communication. If you do that you’ll almost certainly have a positive experience, with us be sure you experience will be a good one, our mode is “Expect Only the Best!” and we guarantee it.



Obviously, before you renovate, you want to know what you plan for your basement. If you are building a home office your choices will be very different than if you are planning another bedroom, family room, or even basement suite. Ultimately all your renovation decisions will be guided by the function of your basement; our staff has the experience and expertise needed to guide you.


No matter what project you decide to take on, big or small, as you would expect with any renovation, planning is the key. With this said, your best and safest way to go about the project is through hiring a qualified contractor unless you are one yourself.

With PRECISION CONSTRUCTION AND DECORA INC., you will be giving the most value for your money with a completion that is within budget as well as time frame. Your specification plan should cover everything from the major steps to the littlest of details. Take note of both your needs and wants and discuss with us the best possible ways to achieve them considering your budget and what your basement can accommodate. We’ll make sure all the regulations are being followed and any required permission is sought.

Take advantage of our limited promotion, confirmed projects based on full BASEMENT RENOVATION with PRECISION C&D Inc., will get a TRIP TO LAS VEGAS. We consider all your needs including financial ones, so we have available financing.

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